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YouTube Payment Per View

YouTube Payment Per View

What is YouTube Payment Per View? The parameter for evaluating and measuring the performance of Youtubers for Payment here is Youtube Payment Per View and the number of watch hours.

In practice, YouTube does not pay per view rather they pay per 1000 views.

In this article, we are going to be trashing out a few questions that come with people trying to find out how much one can actually make on YouTube and how much YouTube can readily pay for the efforts and hustles of a YouTuber.

First of all, let me establish the fact that there is a lot of money being made on the web today, there is still more money to be made.

There are huge testimonials abounding on the internet about people who have made hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Yet, we have so large numbers of people who are damn skeptical of making money online on the internet.

Many still doubt the possibility of making legit money on the internet. Maybe from their personal experiences with internet fraudsters or the story of other people’s experiences.

This does not preclude the fact that the internet is a veritable platform to amass wealth.

According to Forbes, the highest-paid Youtuber in 2018 was Ryan ToysReview, who earned $22 million.
The highest YouTube earner in 2019/2020 is Ryan Kaji who earned $29.5 million, With 12.2 billion views and 41.7 million subscribers.

This is to assure you that people make huge money on a daily basis on the internet. Don’t be an onlooker. Join the fray and lets Cruz.

How Much Can YouTubers Make?: (YouTube Payment Per View)

YouTube Payment Per View

It is obvious that you aren’t going to get any earnings the first day and months you posted your first video on YouTube.

But with consistency and hard work, you can reach that level where you can start to get paid in no distant time.

To make any remarkable everyday impact, you must consistently post videos on a regular basis.

You would need to also consistently post valuable content on your YouTube channel. Valuable content that suits your audience

Pleasing your audience and posting valuable content that thrills your audience is what you need, to get tons of views and subscribers on your videos. I mean genuine subscribers, not paid or fake subscribers

How Regular Should I Upload Videos To YouTube?

A regular updating of your YouTube channel is of essence, just as it’s obtainable with updating of a site.

At least uploading a video once every week would be good enough as far as you stick to this.

Can I Upload YouTube Video Daily?

Ofcourse yes. Uploading video everyday is great way to grow fast on YouTube but if you know you can’t meet up, as I suggested earlier, stick to uploading a video on weekly basis.

For lack of resources to upload on daily basis, some people resorts into uploading other people’s video on YouTube, let me warn that this is a dangerous act as YouTube frowns at copyright issues.

You may only upload other people’s video on your YouTube channel provided you have got their permission to do so.

YouTube can be very strict with its copyright policy. To avoid having your YouTubetube channel being pulled down, stay way from copyright.

Rather give it a dint of a little hard work to source for resources and put together a unique and valuable content out there for your viewers and subscribers.

How Much Do YouTubers Make?: (YouTube Payment Per View)

YouTube Payment Per View

For every $100 that is paid to Google as advert fee by the advertiser, Google pays 68% of that sum to a YouTuber and pockets, the remaining 32%
According to Forbes, Advertisers pay between $0.01 to $0.03 per ad view, which the average is about $0.18 per view.

Therefore on average, a YouTuber can be paid $18 per 1000 ad views, breaking it further, this discounts to about $3 to $5 per 1000 video views.

This summarizes that a Youtuber can get paid up to about $5 per 1000 video views.

Further analysis shows Youtubers earn about $5,000 for 1,000,000 views.

This is when Youtube becomes sweet. But before now, you have got to put in a lot of effort in growing your audience.

Majorly, relying on YouTube Payment without other revenue-generating ventures, Youtubers are paid from sponsorships by big brands and payments from advertisements enabled by Google AdSense

The first payment you would ever receive from Youtube kicks of once your channel becomes eligible and has fulfilled all requirements to receive funds.

You get paid by YouTube once you reach a minimum payout, which is $100. Once you reach this minimum payout, Youtube sends you a $100 payout check.

How to make money on YouTube: (YouTube Payment Per View)

Having read this article up to this level, by now, I am sure you may be reconsidering your venturing into the youtube business. But really, no cause for alarm whatsoever.

As I said earlier, if you are determined, focused, and passionate about whatever you intend to achieve in life, nothing stops you. Your greatest impediment is you. Determine to say, if anyone did it and succeeded, I can do it better.

To be on the right path, let me run you through a few things that could put you in a vantage position over your competitors if you can prioritize them.

The niche you decide to go into matters a lot. You can be crawling in this business for years without making any impact, due to the niche you chose.

I like to advise people who intend to create a youtube channel or run a blog, not to venture into any of those base on their passion, rather, it should be based on what is selling, what is in vogue or trending, and above all, a niche that is of interest to your intended audience.

It is all about pleasing your audience because it is the same people that will give you the views and the number of watch hours needed for you to earn money. Therefore, you must take them into consideration in picking your niche.

In picking your niche, go for simple and popular niches like Gaming, Cooking, Product Reviews, Entertainment, Celebrity Interviews, and Commentary, How-To, Funny Fails, and a host of other niches that will make sense.

To remain in business, you need to be available. Your availability means, regular posting of useful and valuable content on your channel.

Make it a kind of pattern or trend for your audience to be able to predict what time or day you do postings of video on your channel. That would have prepared their minds ahead of time. They would be much eager and expectant.

Another thing to put into consideration, that could make a whole lot of difference is, operating your Youtube channel with the right and effective gear. ranging from microphone, lighting, camera, and a few other types of equipment. A good Sound makes a huge difference.

What Other Ways Do YouTubers Make Money?

Affiliate Payments

It is 100% certain, that you aren’t going to be paid by YouTube the first day, you posted your first video on Youtube. But gradually, you will grow into it.

Therefore, while consistently working on your channel, posting valuable content on regular basis, you would need extra income to keep body and soul together.

You are not going to get tons of viewers or subscribers in the early days of establishing your channel. Before you can start earning from your Youtube paycheck,

Your channel must meet the criteria we talked about before now. So at this point, you are not going to earn any money at least directly from Youtube.

Notwithstanding, you can begin to earn money off your Youtube channel the first day you posted your first video. Amazing, right?
Yeah. Through Affiliate Marketing, Merchandise, and other various methods as I had earlier posted on How to Make Money on YouTube, you can make a good living from them.

There are so many YouTubers that live full time from the proceeds of their Youtube Channels aside from what youtube pays them. Some are not even paid a dime yet by YouTube but they are living big already.

This is achieved by YouTubers who are into associate programs or those who sell merchandise. They post the links of their affiliate programs or links that lead to the websites of the online retailers.

Prospective buyers, who click on the links are basically redirected to the product sites and when they buy, YouTubers are paid. It’s a big deal!

I have adequately treated how to Make Money On Youtube in my previous post. I will therefore leave the link to that article here. Take your time to go HERE and check.

What Other Ways Do YouTubers Make Money?

Those are other alternative methods of earning money on youtube when you have not started receiving any Youtube payment per view yet. It is also a way to supplement whatever you are being paid when eventually YouTube starts paying you.

How Many Views Do YouTubers Need To Get Paid?

Video View

As I have explained earlier, you get your first paycheck from Youtube when you reach the minimum payout amount, which is $100. To Receive a $100 paycheck, your channel must have recorded 20,000 views, rating it at $5 per 1,000 views.

Earning on your Youtube channel is beyond just amassing tons of subscribers, who do not view your video or view ads on your video. There is what is called Cost Per Mille(CPM) and Cost Per Click(CPC).

CPM results from every 1000 views you get on your video, whereas CPC results from every 1000 views of your video ads. Therefore if your viewers didn’t watch your video, you aren’t going to be paid, so also if your viewers watch your video but did not watch the ads, you have not accumulated a thousand ads view, so won’t be paid.

Requirements to be accepted into YouTube Partners Program.

I explained this in my previous post. Go HERE to get the details of the YouTube Partners Program.

YouTube Payment Per View
  • However, to be enlisted in the YouTube Partners Program: You must:
  • Have at the very least 1000 views
  • Record 4000 watch hour in the past 12 months
  • Open an Adsense account
  • Accept terms and Conditions
  • Your account must be appraised and approved

How Much Money Does A YouTuber Make Per Subscriber?

YouTube Subscribers

Subscribers are very useful to a Youtube Channel, they will help you to grow, they will also aid your payment by Youtube if they get past just a subscriber to consistently view your videos.

A subscriber essentially gets notified of your video every time you post a new video. Every time you post content, they are the first to be notified, but the truth is that if your subscriber fails to watch your video and you couldn’t make the 1000 views, you don’t get paid.

As vital and as useful as subscribers are, Youtube doesn’t pay YouTubers base on the numbers of subscribers on their channels.YouTubers get paid as stated earlier, base on CPM and CPC.rates.

Your early days as a YouTuber are the most difficult days but as you consistently post valuable and rich content on your channel, you gradually get subscribers, who view your videos, you also have viewers who are not your subscribers viewn your channel too.. They contribute immensely to your earnings on Youtube.

When you break out of the cocoon like a butterfly who was inside a cocoon in its caterpillar stage, same is said of, when you receive your first paycheck of $100 from YouTube.
This is when the breakthrough comes and success follows in the trail and before you know it, you have begun to soar high.

Youtube takes account of every views that is recorded on your channel after you have been accepted into Youtube Partner Program. Your Youtube Payment Per View is taken into account per one thousand views. YouTube pays very well, it only demands a consistent effort, commitment to duty and fucused to achieve your set goal.

Break out of the YouTube early days .syndrome and begin to enjoy your earnings.

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