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Star Click Tricks

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Star Click Tricks
Star Click Tricks

In this article, I am going to be revealing some Star Click tricks and secrets to earning money on the platform. I decided to put up this write-up for the sake of registered members who may not be earning enough and wants to earn more and of course, prospective new members who may be wondering whether star click is paying or not.

Is Star-Clicks Legit?

Star Click Tricks
Star Click Tricks

Here, I am going to teach you the easiest way to convert your time and energy to profit as a registered member of Star-Clicks.I have already written up to two articles on Star Clicks. This might be the third account I am writing on Star Clicks. I am honestly doing this, so as to remove every bit of doubt anyone might be nursing as to whether Star Clicks Pays or not. let me answer your question and clear your doubts.

Star-Clicks pays well and instantly. Star clicks is the most reliable platform, I have come across on the internet. It is the simplest of all PTC platforms found on the internet as the methods of earning money are limited and effective. But with the Star Click Tricks, I am going to be revealing to you, that it is a fail-proof method of earning.

No complications whatsoever. You can check up my payment proofs and dashboard as posted above, That is how much I have earned so far on Star-Clicks, I am still earning on daily basis and will continue to earn more.

So far, I have earned $682.20 USD and have a balance of $46.04 USD in my account as you see displayed on my dashboard above. It is paying, very real, and very legit, no scam whatsoever.

Star-Clicks is one of the best, most reliable, and most consistent Pay Per Click platforms on the internet. I have consistently received my payouts every time and all the times I reached my minimum payout.

Once you reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you receive an auto payout amount into your Paypal account instantly, There is no need to request a payout.

Star-Clicks has over 22,602 reviews and a 4.8 Star rating on Trustpilot. You can check out yourself HERE. This tells you how much Star Clicks is rated on Trustpilot.

Star Click Website

Star Click Website
Star Click Website

Star-clicks is an awesome website whereby anyone can earn money by clicking ads. It is easy to navigate, with no complications of any kind at all. Star-Clicks is a Pay to Click site, meaning as you click on ads displayed by advertisers, you get paid for your clicks, isn’t this amazing?

Starclicks is an online advertising website that connects advertisers with a set of people called publishers who essentially are internet users whose aim is to earn money online

As of 2021 Star clicks has delivered Ads to the tune of 189129298, Ads published: 24583, Clicked Ads, 154137904, and a membership base of 2000000

You do not need to have any special skill or be an expert to register or sign up on star click. There is Free support with swift response time to members’ queries and concerns.

Star Click Signup

Signup For Publisher Account

Star Click Signup
Star Click Signup
Referrer ID

Where you see Referrer ID above, enter this six digits 50852509

Let’s do the first thing first: To become a member and start earning on Star Clicks, you need to register or signup. Signup as a Publisher. It is absolutely free to signup on star clicks. CLICK HERE TO SIGNUP.

Here is what the Signup Form looks like:

Signup form

Other Information to supply to the signup form continues but for want of space are not displayed here.

After filling up the signup form and submit, you need to sign in with the details you provided: Your email address and your password.

Star Click Log In

An activation email will be sent to your registered email address, also a verification code would also be sent to your mobile phone. Click on the link sent to your email address and make sure you verify your email, also provide the verification code sent to your registered phone number.

Star Click Ads – CLICK THE ADS

Your account will be credited with ads to be clicked every 24 hours. The ads reset every 24 hours, therefore if you miss clicking on the ads in 24 hours, you lose it as it is replaced by another set of ads after 24 hours.

Therefore, endeavor to click the ads every 24 hours. after clicking the ads, your account will be credited in Paypal money, the value of the ads you clicked.

Star Click Tricks


Here comes the two Star click tricks and hacks, Please pay attention to this and commit diligently to doing these two things. Once you adhere to these things I am going to outline here, I am assuring you of regular payment to your Paypal account always,

Some people have asked me, how come you are able to earn such a huge amount of money on star-clicks, hence, the reason I decided to put up this article to show all and sundry that it is possible to earn huge on star-clicks.

Here Are the Two Hacks and Secrets to Earn Huge on Star Click that No One Has Ever Told You.


Refer your friends and family, even your enemies, and see how much money you can earn by merely inviting people to register with your referral link on star-clicks. I have huge followers of referrals I invited by myself to star click

Star Click Tricks
Star Click Tricks

You may be wondering how possible was I able to invite so large numbers of people who eventually registered under me and became earners on star clicks. Here are some of the places you can invite people to join you on star click: Facebook, Forums, Websites, Quora, and general social media.

There is a particular hack and secret to get referrals effortlessly to your star click business which I am deliberately not going to share here in this article but would readily give it out to only serious fellows who are ready to earn on star clicks. hence, to those interested in this secret, you can make use of our contact form on this website to send me a personal message or simply send us a message at, simply tell us that you are interested in the referral hacks on star click and boom, see you on top.



There are two kinds of memberships on star Clicks. Free Membership, known as Silver and Paid Membership. The Paid Membership is further divided into Gold Membership and Platinum Membership.

The difference between Gold Membership and Platinum Membership is the difference in the amount of upgrade, the number of Ads provided on daily basis for clicks, and the difference in minimum payouts.

You are free to choose any of the Memberships depending on how much you want to make in a day.
The biggest secret and hack to earning on star click is to upgrade your account to either Gold or Platinum.

It is Free to register and earn only from clicking ads as a Free member but if you are serious and sincere in making money, go ahead and upgrade your account to either Gold or Platinum Membership now.

Once you upgrade your account, you earn $5 USD on each of your referrals that upgrade to Gold Membership, and if your referral upgrades to Platinum Membership, you are entitled to earn $10 USD on each of your referrals. Awesome, right? SIGNUP NOW.

Of course, after the earning of money, the next thing to do is to withdraw the amount earned in your account to your bank or Paypal account. as I advised in my previous articles, the fastest and best way to get your withdrawal instantly is through Paypal. In case you don’t have a Paypal account, send me an email or comment below this post and I will assist you in owning a Paypal account.


Star Click Tricks

Withdraw your money to Paypal, Bank transfer, or Bitcoin. I advise again that you use Paypal as your payment method. You receive an automatic payout every time you reach your minimum payout amount without you making any withdrawal request

Is Star click real or fake?

Star click is one of the best websites for making extra income from home. You can earn between $10 and $20 every day. With Star Click Tricks just revealed to you in this article, you can earn even more. Though this is not going to make you a millionaire, you are sure to make a few bucks on daily basis on star Clicks. it is one of the best side income and hustles you can find on the internet.

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