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Ojooo Earn Money: Ojooo Website

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Ojooo Earn Money

Ojooo Earn Money Website is a reputable free earning PTC online money program. Ojooo wad is a global and international platform. Therefore everyone is eligible and acceptable to do business, no matter whatever country you come from.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is from the Pay Per Click(PTC) sites. But it is very difficult
to find legit sites, reason, I decided to try this website first, to see if it truly pays. I can confidently confirm to you that the Ojooo website pays.

Ojooo is a registered company, located in Germany. They have several branches of business. In 2012 they started PTC service. Ojooo is one of the most popular Pay To Click websites. They are reputable and reliable and have never stopped paying their customers.

Their compensation plan is among the highest in PTC business, even though as you know that PTC websites do no pay a lot of money but one thing that is very certain is that the multiplier effect of engaging at least some of several methods of earning will see you earning big.

By just watching advertisements you get up to $0.04 per click. You also can earn money by simply watching  Videos, completing simple tasks, and offers

Talking about the legitimacy of ojooo site, go check out its reviews and ratings on and you can see have above board rating in stars, you can also see their payment proofs.

So there is no doubt about the legitimacy of wad ojooo.

Guaranteed Earning in Ojooo Website

In Ojooo, Earning Money is guaranteed. There would never be an issue where you made money and were not able to withdraw. Ojooo always pays.

There are lots of ways to earn money on Ojooo PTC Site aside from clicking on ads.

You are paid to click the Ojooo adverts by advertisers. Ojooo makes available more high pay rates for standard members. You may receive about 20 high pay rate adverts from $0.01 to $0.03 and you can also receive up to 80 low pay rate adverts to click, from $0.001 to $0.005.

Ojooo Website Sign Up: Ojooo Earn Money

OjOOO Sign Up
  1. To sign up Simply Click Here:
  2. To fill the simple registration form:

3.  Enter your unique username

  1. Enter a password
  2. Retype the same password
  3. Enter a working Email Address
  4. Verify Your Account

Remember to login into your email to verify your email address.

Ways To Earn Money On Ojooo Website

Ojooo Earn money
  1. Clicking on Advertisements

You will certainly earn money on Ojooo as a free member by clicking ads and inviting friends and doing several other tasks. But I want to recommend that you upgrade your account to get you to earn huge compared to free membership.

Click on, Click Paid To Click Ads displayed on the menu on your dashboard. The available ads will be displayed as you see on your screen. The timer is placed opposite each ad.

The high timing ads will pay you more. For Clicking ads for about 5 seconds, you will be paid $0.001, when you click ads for 30 seconds, you receive a payment of $0.01, and if you click 60 seconds on ads, you get  $0.04. It will read, Your click has been validated.

  1. Offers.

Go to offer and you get option offertoro. Once you complete offers on Ojooo wad, you are rewarded by Super Rewards, OfferWalls of Wannads, and so on.

Points are awarded to you when you complete offers. You may redeem the points garnered for cash.

  1. Ojooo Traffic Exchange.

For everyone that has got a website or a blog, Ojooo wad traffic exchange is a veritable tool to drive free traffic to your website or blog.

It is an opportunity to drive traffic to your website or blog if you have one. Ojooo wad affords you that, using the traffic exchange. You can drive up to  5000 views in 1200 minutes.
It is possible to get 1000 in one minute

Ojooo Traffic Exchange enhances Your Search Engine Optimization
It credits your site with a high Alexa-Ranking
It increases the number of users and activity

You can exchange the minutes you have got for free unique views on your page. They also have many
other methods like Minute staff, Ojooo grid, Kiwiwall, Coinflip.

  1. Ojooo Grid

In  Wad Ojooo you can win up to $5 every day. Simply go to Ojooo Grid to play the game, there is a likelihood, you could win from the click.

Tips And Tricks of Earning Big In Ojooo Site

First of all, if you want to earn good money, upgrade your account.

Account Upgrade: Ojooo Earn Money

Ojoo Earn Money

How To Upgrade Your Account To a Privilege Account

  1. Click the menu bar: YOUR ACCOUNT

2. Choose Purchase

3. Click  Buy Upgrade

There has to be money in your account to be able to upgrade. So you need to upload funds, to Upgrade.

4. Choose an upgrade.

With rented and direct referrals alone, you can make up to 80% of earnings.

Do you want to earn big in the Ojooo program, Here are the Hacks, Tips, and Tricks:

As a Standard member in Ojooo, you may purchase a maximum of 100 rented referrals. These referrals will work for you until 30 days. In these 30 days, if you have 100 rented referrals, you will earn about 50$ just from the rented referrals alone.

You may end up earning over $120 as your income from only rented referrals aside from other expenses you may have made.

You can spend about $20 to purchase your very first 100 rented referrals. Every 4 days the rented referral will help you to earn approximately up to $20.

By the time you want to earn more and higher from you earn from rented referrals, go ahead and purchase a premium version and that will definitely increase your earnings again.

As a Privilege member of Ojooo who earns money online, you earn a higher income on a daily basis. If you can rent new referrals every 3 days and keep renting until you hit 5000 referrals, you will earn between $30 to $50 daily and $900 to $1600 each month.

To be able to earn from your referrals, you must click on at least four ads daily. If you don’t click at least four ads, your rented referral earnings will not reflect.

But you can always earn bigger by clicking all the ads you are awarded on your dashboard on a daily basis

Withdrawal On Ojooo Website

Ojooo Withdrawal

Unlike so many other PTC sites, that have a high minimum payout withdrawal, wad Ojooo has one of the lowest minimum payout amounts. You can earn now and withdraw now.

 As a standard member, your first minimum payout is $2. Meaning, if you are able to earn $2, you can withdraw it.

For other subsequent withdrawals, you must earn up to $6 before you would be able to withdraw it

As a Privilege, your minimum payout amount is $2

 Payout Method

Ojooo earn money

Ojooo uses Bitcoin as its payout method. Of course, right now bitcoin is the real gold. So it is a good one. Therefore, you will need to put it in your bitcoin wallet to be able to withdraw.


If you wish to make your website to be seen by thousands of people with wad Ojooo Watching Ad. It is as cheap as from 1.00$ to advertise. You are quite fully in control of your ads campaign on the Ojooo website and PTC site.

Ojooo referral program is highly a viable one. At your recommendation of the Ojooo program to friends and family, you are rewarded, Your account would always be credited, each time your referral clicks on ads or do any other tasks, upgrade, or any other money-yielding task. You can actually earn money through direct referrals or rented referrals.

Therefore, you are rewarded for every effort you put in into Ojooo earning website. Through referring, you can earn up to a $20 bonus.

Important Rules

  • Creation of two accounts from the same IP address is not allowed.  If you are caught, your account will be blocked and frozen funds. Therefore, stare clear double account.
  • Error message: “Do not try to cheat us”
    This error appears any time you made a request for an amount that exceeds the available amount you have for payout. For instance: if your account balance is 39.999999 USD and you request to withdraw  40 USD.

Go ahead and register for your Ojooo earn money now without further delay.  As I said earlier, Ojooo wad is legitimate, credible, reputable, and paying.

Do you have any questions? Drop it here on the comment box, we will always respond.

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