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How To Make Money On YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

This article is meant to teach newbies and generally all YouTubers, how to make money on Youtube in 2021. There are so many ways on how to make money on youtube.

You may be new and thinking about how to monetize your Youtube Channel or you have been on Youtube for ages, yet you don’t know how to adequately maximize the several money-making opportunities on youtube, This article is more like a full course on several ways on how to make money on youtube.

I have treated each of the methods very extensively. Take your time to read through and draw value from it, go back to your Youtube Channel and re-invigorate the money-making machine and start smiling to the Bank. But if you are entirely a newbie, it is a great privilege for you to have stumbled into this article. Go over it, digest it all, go and create your own youtube channel and start earning on Youtube in 2021.

Some of the methods we would be discussing on how to make money on Youtube have a lot more earning potentials whereas others would need a lot more hard work to attain but above all, if any business for that matter must succeed, it demands a dint of hard work.

Let’s talk briefly about a very powerful tool that is mostly referred to as your best friend on your journey to YouTube business success?


TubeBuddy is a very valuable browser extension or plugin specifically made to add a layer of tools directly over YouTube’s website.

After linking your channel, Youtubebuddy offers other numerous tools added to the browser extension.

There are three plans offered by Tubebuddy from which you can choose from.

It starts with the PRO, $9 per month, STAR goes for $19 per month and PRO for $39 per month.

There is also a free offer, but trust me, you would miss a lot of useful and extended services offered by the premium packages.

TubeBuddy is a free browser extension. The use of TubeBuddy helps you to produce a valuable content.

Ofcourse like I made mention previously, one of the limitations of going for free version is limited Keywords research. You receive just three items after your search.

It is highly recommended you go for a Pro version, it goes for just $9, it absolutely worth it.

How to install TubeBuddy on Google Chrome browser.

1: Click HERE to TubeBuddy. Next Click on ‘Install Free Now’

  1. Click on Add Extension
  2. TubeBuddy Icon.
  3. Sign in.
  4. TubeBuddy Installed.

Now that you are equipped with the right tools that will guarantee success in your YouTube business, let’s proceed to talk about one of the programs from which YouTube has been able to finance and fulfill it’s obligation to YouTubers.

Youtube Partner Program

Make Money On YouTube

One very big means from which youtube gets money to share with Youtubers is through ads. This is one of the methods on how to make money on Youtube.

Youtube finds advertisers to put ads on your videos and as the content creator, Youtube splits the revenues from those ads and shares with you. There’s a couple of things taken into consideration in the sharing of the proceeds of the ad.

Essentially you need to meet the requirements and be accepted into the youtube partner program to be able to monetize your videos or at least share in the revenue because youtube can actually put ads on your videos and not share the revenue with you.

Requirements For Becoming A Participant On YouTube Partner Program

You need to have 1000 subscribers, 4000 hours of watch time over the last 12 months and that applies to the youtube partner program.

Once you have been approved by the program you can essentially turn on ads on all of your videos and then Youtube shares the revenue with you from those ads.

There can be a huge variation as far as how much you earn per view, you could be paid from 50 cents per thousand views to over $100 per thousand views depending on a whole lot of factors:

From what the content is all about, what the language of the content is, what the demographics of the viewers are, what the location geographically of the viewer is, and a whole lot of other indices.

Therefore, depending on the type of content you are creating, earnings vary, as far as the parameter is rated per view or per 1000 views.

This is how it is rated within the youtube platform. The good thing is that once you are approved, you can turn on ads on your videos. Then go and keep creating content.

You can create any content you want as long as it fits within Youtube guidelines, they will find advertisers to your videos and then share the revenue with you, So you create content and receive a check from youtube once a month.

Super Chats

Super Chat

Super chats are basically where you go live on Youtube and your viewers essentially make donations to your channel.

This may take place in different ways:
A scenario is where your viewers just love your content and want to help you out with a couple of extra dollars.

Or maybe you are doing Question and Answer sessions and they want to make sure you see their questions to answer them during the live stream.

Here you are not going to be able to make so much money to retire because of your super chat income.

The truth is, if you have a huge audience, go live all the time you are certainly going to make extra income for yourself.

It is not what you are going to do super consistently making tons and tons of money but if you like going on live streaming, it’s good for you and your audience, you can make extra income.



To earn from membership you want to think, what kind of content do I want to create or what value can do I give above and beyond a normal content that is more ongoing.

Do I want to do weekly live streaming? Q and A live stream? Or do I want to put out content or a video a week that’s unlisted for my members?

It must be something around your niche and most part of your normal audience is willing to pay something month in month out for this exclusive content.

You can extrapolate the number of members you have and how much you could generate.

You can create a steady source of income. Now you can say, I have 200 members, I have 700 members or I have 10 members and this is how much they pay and so you are creating a kind of steady source of income from creating memberships.

To set this up, there are so many ways

YouTube has a platform for memberships. This adds up to one other great method on how to make money on YouTube.

You need to have over 5000 subscribers to be part of it or if it is gaming channels, it’s only 1000 subscribers to be qualified.

You could also use a platform such as Patreon or there is a bunch of ways to set it up on your own website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

In case you are not familiar with affiliate marketing, it’s essentially where you recommend some products or services to your audience.

You have a dedicated link given to you by the specific company to where you send the traffic.

And if someone makes a purchase they owe you some type of commission.

The great thing here is that you don’t have to actually have your own product and service, you essentially need to apply to the specific affiliate program.

Once you are accepted you get links that you can then send traffic to and if people make a purchase then you earn a commission.

So this is a great thing for the company that sells the product because they only pay a commission if there is an actual sale and you don’t have to have a product or service.

You can just recommend any product or service you like.

So the beauty here with Youtube is you could recommend affiliate products on your first video, on your first view of your first video, who knows, that could earn you an affiliate commission.

To become an affiliate, you need to apply for the specific affiliate programs.

So to find an affiliate program for products and services you like, just type in Google, Ask XCompany affiliate marketing, or affiliate program.

affiliate Marketing Without a Website

So most companies do have affiliate programs.

You have to go through the problem of applying individually for each of the different affiliate programs.

Some companies essentially accept everyone who applies and then some companies accept next to no one.

It’s going to vary by industry and by the specific company but chances are whatever your niche is, there are products and services you could recommend.

One difficult Affiliate company, very strict with its rules is Amazon, though you can be approved within 24 hours.

You can also be evicted at any time. To stay safe, abide by their rules.

There are other choices of Affiliate Marketing programs other than Amazon that you can get registered and do business with.

Seasoned Youtubers, a lot of time will essentially put their camera gear down in the description of their videos.

The screen displays affiliate links, in the description and so if anyone clicks on those and makes a purchase, you are going to earn a commission.

No matter what your content is, you could potentially post affiliate program links and then earn money for making recommendations.

Through one or any other product or service, you want to talk about on your channel.

Merchandise: How To make Money on Youtube

How To Make Money On Youtube

Merchandise is a way Youtubers make tens of thousands of dollars from their channels.

So many stuff can be merchandised mugs, stickers, pens, bags, products like that.

This is much easier to manage, I can assure you. This isn’t you and your garage full of the products you have to ship out and hoping to sell.

One who merchandised could work with companies as Teespring and some other companies like it.

Basically what you do is create an account, you create the products you want.

You essentially upload your designs to the T-shirts and bags and whatever else you created and when someone makes a purchase, the company actually produces it and ship it for you.

So they accept the payment, create the product, ship it for you. They deal with returns and you just needed to basically set it up, to begin with, and push people to make the purchases.

If you happen to be part of the youtube partner program, you can create what’s called the youtube merchandise shelf.

With this, your products are actually displayed below your videos, someone watching your videos, sees the merchandise, clicks through, and purchases it.

It gets shipped out to them and everything else, all you do is, receive your money from selling your merchandise.

For the right audience, if you think some of these products would be interesting to them, it might be worth checking out.

Sponsored Videos: How to Make Money On YouTube

Sponsored Video

There is a huge variation of how much money you could make from sponsored videos.

Youtubers probably make hundreds of thousands of dollars just for mentioning something in one of their videos.

But if you are just getting started, you might have to settle for receiving some free product to do a review of it on your video.

It actually requires quite a bit of upfront work to make something like this happen.

Where either you have to find a brand, reach out to them, pitch them, really explain the value that you are going to provide with your content.

As your channel grows you will have brands actually reach out to you, especially, if you have a captive audience within a specific niche that that brand wants to reach.

You are basically going to have to take care of all negotiations, set up the price, settle on what the content is going to be.

A lot of times you will have to show the company or brand the content before you publish it on your youtube channel.

In that case, you would want to make sure it is a good fit for your audience because if you are just hooking all sorts of stuff to your audience and it is not the stuff you believe in as you had ever use, you are going to lose that trust with your audience.

But if it is something that you are just in love with, you would be emboldened to say, this is a product I have been using for 10 years, it is the best thing in sliced bread, you won’t have a problem pitching this to your audience.

Because you really believe in it and so it fits in. You could further say, I love it, they are actually paying me to create something I would have probably created for free because I love it.

That’s a great fit for your audience where they can tell you are passionate about something, not just trying to get paid to create content.

Also, you don’t want to be creating content that is not really aligned with what your audience likes.

If your audience is here and the sponsored product is there, your doesn’t like it, they are not going to view it.

Your video is not going to get a ton of views interactions and so your audience is mad that you created a video and the advertiser is mad because not a lot of people viewed it.

And there wasn’t a lot of positive feedback, so sponsored videos are something you would be careful with.

Make sure there is a match of something you are really passionate about, you know quite well, the company you are working with and you think it is something that is good for your audience well.

Selling Products(Digital or Physical)

Digital and physical product

Selling both digital and physical products is another lucrative way of how to make money on YouTube.

The digital product could be, a course, a guide, or something like it.

Then obviously a physical product could be your clothing brand. it could be your book or all sorts of other things.

The good thing is that with youtube, you can set up a kind of automated funnel to just have products be sold day in and day out.

Basically, if you have youtube videos where you are either directly mentioning your product that you are selling or you are getting some sign-ups for your email list then you are making the pitch.

Basically, every day your youtube videos are being shown to people and then some percentage of them are either signing up for your email list or just directly and making a purchase.

There are a whole lot of courses on youtube, Instagram, canva on how to grow your sales, and a bunch of other stuff.

Those set up are to just essentially sell on autopilot.

Someone can teach on men’s fashion, where he has his own clothing line.

In some of his videos or at least in most of his videos, he has the links in the description.

In other videos, he is actually mentioning it in the video and driving traffic to his clothing brand.

The good thing with products like this is that you can actually make the purchase online.

You can just set up the whole sales process to run on autopilot, so you have views on youtube and some percentage of those people are making purchases.

Obviously, a bunch of time goes into creating a clothing line or creating a course but for example, you could probably create some type of courses.

Creating Digital products for your audience may take you a couple of weeks thereafter, you could create funnels to drive sales from youtube to making online purchases.

Selling Services: How To Make Money On YouTube


You can sell services on youtube or if you have some type of existing business.

This one another very good way on how to make money on YouTube.

Here everything is not automated and selling online.

Perhaps you want someone to show up at your physical location or you want to have a conversation with them.

A couple of examples could be, you are a personal trainer, a nutritionist, a real estate agent.

As a real estate agent, you could create a ton of content, say a real estate agent in a particular location.

You could put it out there to say, buying a home in x location or selling a home to first time home buyers.

Investing in real estate moving to x location. If you are interested, here is my estate guide.

Give me your name, phone number, and email address and so every day you are getting people to sign up, give their contact information, and then you are following up with the phone, figuring out if they need help with real estate in your specific location.

The same goes for the other types of businesses. Another example of this would say ad outreach.

Here they essentially teach and coach people how to do youtube ads.

They will run ads or have youtube content and then drive a webinar or some type of video that you should sign up for, as opposed to trying to get to you to purchase something online.

They may want you to schedule a meeting, you can essentially go online to schedule a meeting and then have a call with them and talk to them about their services.

This is a little bit different from the last example of like everything down to be purchase online.

You essentially want to get leads or want someone to show up at your physical location but by creating youtube content and then driving traffic to your website, to your landing page, or other things you are able to get people’s contact information.

Maybe people just show up at your physical location but you can use youtube to sell services or promote your business online.

Very lucrative businesses can be found to be hosted on youtube for absolutely free. If you are a newbie, It is a privilege, for you to head down to create and youtube channel and start a changed Lifestyle.

If you happen to be into Youtube already and you are not making successful headway, read the above article and dive into it, come back and tell me the success story.

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