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Get Paid To Write Online

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Get Paid To Write Online

Get Paid To Write Online: Are you someone who is good with the use of words? Do you want to make a living through writing, why not? You Can!

Are you in love with writing? It is a great aspiration and an achievable thought. You can get paid to write online.

Freelancers, write on several projects received from various employers. Exploring this opportunity can see you making a good living as has been with successful freelancers.

Some Freelancers write on varieties of topics, hence they work across so many niches.

With this kind of writer, their scope of writing is wide, writing on topics that solve problems and provide values in many niches.

They write for print magazines, social media platforms, websites, blogs, businesses that deal with so many and different fields.

Meanwhile, others choose to pick a niche and specializes in a single field of writing. the benefit of this is that you become more specialized and versatile in that field and topics you have written and study over, over time.

You would certainly get paid to write online, as writing online has become very popular with many writers freelance on projects as a side income.

For some, it is a full-time job and career writing from the comfort of their homes at their own timing and schedule.

How To Start Writing Online

Get Paid To Write Online

Are you passionate about certain subjects or topics? Perhaps where your passion lies determines your future and purpose.

How would you feel just sitting there at the confines of your bedroom, put pieces of information laced with purpose and value, get it out there, and in turn rake in turns of money as returns for doing the things you enjoy doing. Awesome right? Yeah. Get Paid To Write Online

I want to encourage you to start writing now if it has ever crossed your mind to do so. You would be surprised that you can actually make a fortune from writing.

As it is said, you don’t know how high you can fly until you have spread your wings.

So I say you never can tell how much you can make and how good you can be at writing until you you have put pen to paper.

You don’t have to know everything to start. Pick a topic you think you enjoy the most, coupled with fair knowledge of writing style, you would be surprised by the flow of thought from your passion.

Do some thorough research about everything. Try as much as you can, to know something that has to do with everything and everything about something.

That is to mean, you don’t have to know it all, but at least get to know something about everything.

Start and develop and sharpen your skill, like every other job around, with patience, perseverance, and a dint of hard work, you can make money writing articles online.

Get Started to Be Paid to Write

Pick a Niche: Get Paid To Write Online

Get Paid To Write Online

What do you want to write about? What are you passionate about? What are you knowledgeable about that would not require you too much research before you can flow with your thought line. This would help you to pick a niche you are interested in.

Here are some of the several niches you can pick of Fitness and diet, Cooking and nutrition, Leadership, and careers, Crafting and knitting, Finance and budgeting, Love and Relationships, Family and Parenting, Health and Fitness, Travel, the list is inexhaustible. You can Get Paid To Write Online from these niches.

It is important to pick a niche that you are interested in and at the same time lucrative and that which you think people are inclined to, that is popular with people. Choosing a niche you intend to write about is very important.

Create a Website or Blog: Get Paid To Write Online

Get Paid To write Online

It is a very important thing to do, to create your own website or blog as a writer. Aside from the fact that you can write for other companies, organizations, or individuals, you can make a lot of money writing on your own blog.

Your own blog is a project or venture with which you can earn money from various income streams, ranging from Google Adsense, Running Adverts, affiliate marketing and the list goes on. The foundation to Get Paid To Write Online starts with your blog.

Shared Hosting with Namecheap

Besides all the above, your site can always serve as a reference point for any company, an organization that wants to see your previous work and experience, even though, this might not be the only requirement, it adds credibility to your Curriculum vitae.

You may want to share the content of your website as part of your portfolio or resume with employers or merchants. This of course would boost your credibility.

Your online presence is important if you want to get paid to write. creating a website is very simple. I know you just chuckled right now when I said to create a website is very simple.

I felt the same when I wanted to start a blog. Right now, I look back and say, really, it is very simple to start a blog than I had ever thought.

I created and developed two other blogs after I experimented with the first blog I started. Now I can confidently tell you that I enjoy doing this.

In my sleep, I can conveniently tell you how to create a blog from the start to finish without missing out on anything. If I did it, you too can. You can even do it better. Just start, Just do it!

I made a post on the simplest and cheapest way to start a blog, click on the link and read it, it will help you a lot. Ask me a question, drop me a comment, if you run into a problem or you need my help to create your own blog. I will gladly assist you.

Creating and writing your own website gives you the opportunity to share your content and get feedback.

You are able to link back to your website from open self-published platforms like Quora, Medium, Webtalk, and so many others.

This can generate unimaginable traffic back to your website.

Share Your Content Everywhere Possible

Share your Content

I have made mention of this briefly above, when I said share your blog content on popular open Content publishing outlets or platforms like Quora, Medium, and Webtalk to mention a few.

I also treated this subject matter in one of the articles I wrote. Find the article here for your consumption.

I want to add social media platforms to the list. Get your blog content posted on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more like those.

Acclimatize yourself with your niche and environment by dropping comments on other people’s blog whose content and niche relates to yours.

Make sure to link back your content or write-ups from social media back to your website, as I said earlier on, it’s very important.

By doing so, you are shooting yourself up into the limelight and endearing and stamping your writing prowess and impression on the mind of your readers.

You need to advertise yourself everywhere possible on the internet. There is the possibility that individuals, companies band organizations will start noticing you and your writing prowess.

You may even be contacted by print media or online publishers who may offer you money to write for them or give you the opportunity to guest write on their websites.

It is a good place and one good way for starters.
Make efforts by contacting companies to offer to write sponsored posts to review their products on their blogs and your own website too.

Join forums, groups, connect with other writers, form and collaborate with and network with other freelancers, in the effort to announce and publicize yourself and your ware.

Sign Up With Freelance Marketplaces

Get Paid To write Online

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Fiverr,, Peopleperhour are veritable places where you can display and advertise your skills.

Freelancing Marketplaces are platforms established where freelancers can advertise their skills and offer services to buyers online.

Even though some of these places like Fiverr and Upwork are saturated with Gigs yet, birds fly in the air without one hindering the other, therefore there is always a space that is left unfilled that your coming will seek to fill.

Follow the procedures of signing up on these platforms, get registered, display your Gigs.

Make sure to put up your Gigs with well-researched keywords to allow for efficient Search Engine Optimization (SEO), so that your Gig can show up when people search for the kind of service you offer.

You would be surprised, people would approach you for service. Pick the jobs that you think you have expertise in, make sure to promise less and deliver more, that way, you get positive ratings and reviews.

Put Together Outstanding Write-ups To Serve As Samples.

Dedicate your time and skill to put up great write-ups that can serve as samples.

Such outstanding write-ups that command people’s attention. Post them on your blog, post to friends and family. Put up such write-ups as guests posts on other people’s blogs.

Be intentional in the crafting of this kind of write-up as they will add to your credibility. Remember, this could serve as a piece for your portfolio, the aim is to boost your credentials and resume.

Search Out Job sites: Get Paid To Write Online

Get Paid To Write Online

Jobsites are the websites, owned and operated by those who own it, where those contracted do works assigned to them deliver the job, to be paid in return. Scout for Jobsites on the internet, they are great in number. Apply for some and certainly, you would get approved.

You can also avail yourself of the services of Job Boards where collation of available positions are aggregated and from several places. Job seekers search through the list to secure positions.

So through the information they provide, you can get valuable information on places where you can get paid writing jobs

Join communities of freelancers where matters on writing and other information on opportunities of writing jobs available are discussed. You would always get hints here and there on the internet.

Sites That Pay You To Write: Get Paid To Write Online

Here are some of the sites that pay you to write: Freelance Mom, A Fine Parent, Christian Science Monitor, A List Apart, Earth Island Journal, Barefoot Writer, Great Escape Publishing, Cooking Detective, Cosmopolitan, Upworthy,, Babble, and so many others.

Sharpen Your Skill and Go For More

Sharpen Your Skills

There are other skills that as a writer you can acquire as a freelancer aside from writing, you may want to advertise such expertise along with your writing job, You may be shocked how much you could rake in from other skills as a result of daring to acquire more and additional skills.

Pay More Attention to Detail: Get Paid To Write Online

Good writers pay attention to every little detail. They take notice of changes that occur around them, no matter how small they are.

They are able to spot grammatical errors, dot every Is, and cross every Ts. They are great observers and thinkers.

Every detail narrative or descriptive is captured and acknowledge for reproduction.

Your Content Must Be Original And Unique

Original Content

Here is where the importance of the niche you chose comes to play. I had said, it’s very important you pick a need on which you enjoy writing on for which you have an unhindered flow of thought.

You would find it easier to write valuable content that flows from just your thought pattern and a little research.

Do not plagiarize, do not lift as written, or copy the entire work of someone else as yours.

It is not the best practice. You will get stuck with Google Search Engines, as Google will not duplicate a search, it has crawled someone else on the internet.

Try as much as possible to be original and unique in your content.

Keep Yourself Up To Date With Your Industry Requirements

Keeping yourself abreast of the prevailing trends in the industry will make you relevant and contemporary in your writings and generation of ideas.

There would always be people who are ahead of you in the industry, strive to acquire more and more skills each day.

It is of paramount importance that you keep learning each day. Try your hands on new things. Attend webinars organized for writers.

As time changes, styles, systems, technologies, and even life change with time. Therefore, it is of essence that you are up to date with changes in tools or platforms you would need to be acquainted with to know how to make use of them or adapt to new ones.

Sharpen Your Communication Skills

Get Paid To Write Online

As a writer, you would need to constantly communicate and interact with clients or employers as the case may be, on a regular basis.

Therefore, you need to be skilled in your verbal and written communication. You may need to have to communicate over the phone or in writing.

The mastery of essential communication tools is a vital part of sharpening your communication skills.

Get conversant with the use of communication tools like Skype, VoIP, Slack, Voice Mail, IM, Basecamp. Writing software like Grammarly, Duplichecker, and a host of others.

Be Honest And Trustworthy: Get Paid To Write Online

At first, you may not get reviews since you may just be starting off as a writer but as time goes on, people will begin to trust you with their jobs and money.

Make sure to be guided by the professional ethics and etiquette of the industry.

Do not abscond with the money of clients that paid you in advance or upfront, so as to commence their job. Do not fail to deliver on an agreed or appointed date.

Make sure to deliver quality jobs to specifications, this way, you gain the trust of your clients or employers.

Can I Be a Successful Writer?

Get Paid To Write Online

Certainly yes, you can be a successful Writer. The quest to succeed will drive you to work harder each day than you did the previous day.

Anyone can become a very good writer. Those good writers you see and envy today were not writers from birth.

It was borne out of hard work and commitment. Nothing works if you don’t work it. You too can succeed.

Take the right initiatives. Sharpen your communication skills, be passionate and have a propelling drive, be professional in your work, be consistently persistent.

Furthermore, be ready to research well on topics that relate to your niche, keep improving on your organizational skills, be focused, promise less and deliver more so as to meet deadlines, Communicate very well always.

It is the time to become a successful writer. Get Paid To Write Online. Read to understand, ask me questions on whatever is not clear to you. we would be here to respond to all your comments.

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