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Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

This piece is dedicated to showing you the cheapest way to start a blog. Many folks engaging in online business desire to run their businesses on their own blogs or websites. Their most inhibitions are the notion that it is either complicated to own a blog or it is very expensive to create one. Against such a notion.

This article is specifically designed to teach those set of people and every other person who desires to own a site, the cheapest way to start a blog and also to show you that you don’t have to be technically savvy to know how to start your own blog and simply start making money.

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At the end of reading this article, you would be able to set up a very cheap and quality website and start making money right away. I am going to take you and show you how simply you can create a WordPress blog online and get it running immediately.

Click on this LINK and navigate to places where you can get a cheap domain, hosting, and coupon with discounts that come with it.

How To Create WordPress Blog: Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

There are two major things you must know in getting started, those are: You would need a domain, domain name, and web hosting. since we are dealing with the cheapest way to start a blog, I will particularly show you the place to get your cheapest domain and hosting on the internet.

Go here to get your domain and hosting cheapest ever on the internet, you can do your own independent finding, Namecheap is the cheapest place to buy your domain and hosting, you would also get the highest attention if you need one.

Shared Hosting with Namecheap

Why do I recommend a domain name from Namecheap?
Namecheap offers the best experience to its customers, their domain services are superb and you get 24/7 all-around customer service.

Buy Your Hosting And Get Free Domain: Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

Here are the reasons, I recommend Namecheap:
I use Namecheap for most of my websites. I also use Bluehost for just one site but yours truly, Namecheap is far cheaper and I dare say better customer service compared to Bluehost. Go ahead and Buy Your Hosting And Get Free Domain

The shared hosting package runs at a jet speed.

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Cheap Webhosting

Namecheap is a registrar and a hosting company at the same time.
Namecheap pricing is the cheapest and the best in terms of maintaining quality at such a low price.
offers a cheap SSL certificate at a decent discount on the first year.
The customer service team is excellent, responsible, and responsive.

Why do you need a domain name?

You actually need a domain name when you build a website, to create an online identity. Your domain stands in as the street address to your house. People would be able to search out your site and be able to link you.

You would want your visitors to come to check out what is happening on your website. When you register your domain name, that ensures that you are the rightful owner of the domain and no one else has the claim of ownership to your domain.

Pick A Blog Name

Pick A Blog Name

There get a domain name that will connect your website server. It will also make searching out your site online easy..

Registering your domain

Pick a very simple, short, and easy to remember. enter your desired name site on the search bar and check its availability. If your desired name is available, go ahead with its registration, if otherwise, go ahead and modify the name until you you have gotten your desired and available domain name.

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Namecheap domain goes for as cheap as $8.88 and when you use its coupon, it goes as low as $6.45 for a whole year, wow! Go check it out, no notable industry in the top categories like Namecheap offers a domain for as low price as does, Namecheap.

Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

Having done with the domain, let’s move to the hosting aspect:
With your domain, your site now has a name. The next thing you would need is a place to keep your virtual luggage, such a place like, take for example land, where you can erect your building with posts, photos and stories stored.

Having known now that your server on which web hosting takes place, stores all your very important documents and images, then you must choose a credible and reliable web hosting provider. Get the best DEAL from Namecheap.

Big Discounts for Domains, Hosting, SSL and more

You can host a website on Namecheap as low as $1.58 per month. Awesome! It’s no fiction, I am using Namecheap for the majority of my website. So I am saying this from experience.

Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

I will suggest that as a beginner, you go for a starter package, called stellar. The stellar annual hosting plan comes with one domain name offer, three websites, 20 GB SSD, and Free CDN. It also comes with savings of 45% off on the first year.

All hosting plans also come with all of these benefits:

  1. Unmetered bandwidth
  2. Free website builder
  3. Domain name and privacy protection
  4. Free automatic SSL installation
  5. Free Supersonic CDN
  6. 30-day money-back guarantee

Having purchased your domain and hosting package, let’s set out to build our website in relation to the cheapest way to start a blog.

Installing WordPress with Namecheap Using Softaculous

Login in to your Cpanel, search for Softaculous on the search bar.
Softaculous is an auto-installer script. It provides you with an easy process for installing web applications. With Softaculous, it’s just one click away from installing WordPress. Namecheap uses Softaculous in their Cpanel.

Click your mouse on the install tab to install WordPress using Softaculous

Choose http:// or https://www. as the protocol.

Select https:// or https://www. as protocol, if your site uses SSL and HTTPS

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Choose the domain name to install WordPress.

Scroll down to WordPress site settings

Type in the title and description for your website.

Pick a username, password, and email address. Softaculous will automatically fill in the username and password fields for you.

Click on the install button to run the installer.

Optional WordPress settings in Softaculous

Leave the window open, in a few minutes, Softaculous will start the installation, until it is 100% completed.

It will display a success message after installation and completion and will also display links to your site.

Let’s Customize Your Blog

Having installed WordPress the next thing is to choose a Theme

The theme is the appearance of your website. WordPress has over a thousand themes to choose from. WordPress themes are very easy to install. Simply click on Settings, Appearance and then, Theme. Pick your favorite theme that suits your purpose.

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As numerous as there are Themes, so are there, numerous Plugins. They work like Applications for your site. Plugins help to extend the functionality of and adds new features to your website.

Create WordPress Blog Page: Cheapest Way To Start A Blog

With pages, you can give your blog different looks depending on what your desire is.

Select Pages on the dashboard and click on Add New

A New Page pops up, with all features for making a post.

Enter the Page name on the space provided above in the text box.

Click Publish and your blank Page would be published and redirects to of Page.

Write And Publish Your First Post

Sign in to your WordPress Admin dashboard Screen
On the displayed menu, click on the Posts Tab.
Click on, ‘Add New’
Type in your
post title in the field provided.
Start typing texts into the blank space underneath the title, go ahead and enter body content in the editing box.

After typing all the body content and you are satisfied with your entries, it is time to publish your content to the reading of the general public. That is done by you simply clicking on the ‘Publish’ button and boom, it goes live. Congratulations, your blog is live.

Needlessly, folks are jittery and scared at the thought of owning a website. It is Quick and Easy. This is not supposed to be so. You can actually create one of the cheapest but quality blogs. Thanks to a web hosting and registrar company like Namecheap. Namecheap has made a lot of things more simpler and affordable. Therefore anyone can own a blog.

Move away from thinking that creating a blog is a herculean task. Starting a blog is actually fun. as you catch some fun, you are actually putting up a very powerful machine to generate tons of thousands of dollars into your coffers.

I used to be jittery as well and unnecessarily agitated at the thought of starting a blog. I actually overcame this fear, when I set out one day and determined to be open, in order to know what I actually need to start a blog.

Right now, I have overcome that fear. You also can. After reading this article, I expect you to start off your own blog immediately, don’t wait any further. Do not procrastinate, jump in now.

Get your Domain and Hosting at the cheapest price ever with Namecheap. I challenge you to go round and see if there is any notable hosting company in the class of Namecheap that can ever give you a domain and hosting at the low price that Namecheap does.

There is no more excuse not to own a blog. Remember, if you have been making some money without having a website, you will earn much more if you start a blog today. Are you into Affiliate Marketing? Do you desire to advertise for advertisers?

Save up to 86% with our Domain & Shared Hosting package deal!

Do you have the desire to earn with Adsense or you want to own an eCommerce store? All these can not be achieved without a website You see how much you are missing?

Some would have liked to start, I challenge you to start now, come back and thank me later. Virtually everything you need to start a blog has been explained in this article, if there is anything not covered in this article, those are minor things you could pick from the internet to complement what you have received here.

Jump in now, start making money by becoming a proud owner of a website that costs you less to put up. In case you are confused at any point, or you have a question bothering you, kindly reach out to us, we are always available, responsible, and responsive to your questions.

Drop us a comment below.

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