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Best Print On Demand Site

Best print On demand Site

Redbubble is the easiest and best print-on-demand site to make money online with no investment or money from your pocket. I mean with zero budget, no dime, and no dollar spent whatsoever.

People are making hundreds of thousands of dollars on Redbubble. It is a wonderful platform that generates money like a machine from your designs. Until you start, you never know how good your designs could be.

Let me inform you here that all the photos and images you see on this articles are designs from my Redbubble store. I actually designed them. You can take a tour and visit my Redbubble Store to feed your eyes and buy products you like.

It is free to set up and you can start making money right away. Online money-making cannot get easier than raking in dollars on a daily basis throughout the month with Redbubble.

In this article, I will be explaining what Redbubble is and all that is involved in the use of Redbubble from the signing up process to the stage where you can start making money. Redbubble operates on Print on demand service. It is one of the best print on demand sites that offer services on print on demand products

What is Print-on-demand? Best Print-On-demand Site: Redbubble

Best Print On Demand site

It is essential we understand what Print-on-demand is because Redbubble really revolves around the medium of print on demand.

Print-on-demand is a printing technology and a business process where your designs are not printed until the company has received payment and order.

This is incredibly popular because you don’t have to hold a lot of printed stock.

You can print small quantities as per the order and when I say small, I mean you can print single quantities as well.

You don’t get the benefits of long-run production but you don’t have to hold a large amount of stock.

You have heard of it in the past years where it was encouraged that you build a website.

You market your print-on-demand items and you have to own the whole process which is great because you make a lot more profit.

But the greatest setback with the idea of setting up a production store of your own, owning a website, and all of those setups, is that it involves a huge sum of money to establish.

More is the fact that Print-on-demand can produce just a demand on a single T-shirt and so we get print-on-demand t-shirts shipped to the buyer wherever he or she is located on the globe. Redbubble shipping is free.

They would be super capital intensive for an individual who has no money to venture into. More also is the cost of shipping involved.

You may also not be able to beat the administrative hassles that come with running the business.

Perhaps customer service may be a big hurdle to cross and you may not have the funds to throw around engaging staff to handle customer service.

Maybe your passion is just on creating designs of different kinds of products from the comfort of your home, involving you to design and sell t-shirts online and other so many products.

Well, this is where Redbubble comes in:

What is Redbubble?

Best Print On Demand site

Redbubble is an online marketplace  where print-on-demand products are designed, produced, and sold

It was established in 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and its office is also located in San Francisco in Berlin.

Redbubble is a marketplace for ‘incidental’, artists and well-experienced and smart artists too. I said incidental’ artist because you can incidentally become an artist on Redbubble without any prior experience as an artist.

How Does Redbubble Work? Best Print-On-demand Site

Best Print On Demand site

On Redbubble, anyone can become a designer. It is open to all. Anyone can start making money right now on Redbubble from any part of the world you may find yourself. It allows its members to design artworks on different kinds of products for sale.

Redbubble operates exclusively online. Creative Artwork designs are done on varieties of products, like T-shirts, Skirts, Stickers, Duvet Covers, Leggings, Mugs, Phone Pouches, hoodies, Scarves, and so on.

Redbubble accepts free membership, an artist that can design products that are unique. They also give artists the privilege to decide on the amount to fix on each product they design.

Redbubble is a print-on-demand site. They don’t create their own desires.

Instead, they open up a lot of opportunities to budding designers and people who are good with clever catchy phrases to upload their designs and put these people to monetize their designs.

So if you are an artist and you have drawn beautiful pictures but marketing and social following isn’t your strength.

Well, you can upload your designs to Redbubble where they do a lot of marketing.

What is Redbubble?

They drive traffic to their own site and if your design speaks to the audience that they bring to their platform then you can make a commission from any sale that is made.

In addition, Redbubble as the best Print On-demand Site owns the entire supply chain, so you don’t have to worry about fulfillment.

You don’t have to worry about bad-fitting t-shirts. Redbubble does the worrying about sizing.

They communicate with the customers, they handle the pains, they handle returns.

All you have to do is focus on creating wonderful designs that are captivating.

Even if you are completely new to Redbubble with no experience at all, you can start earning money right now with Redbubble, yeah.

Just create a design, they have the models whether it’s t-shirts or clothing. It can be pillowcases, stickers, book covers, you name it.

Redbubble has all of the templates to which you can put your design and therefore you can monetize your design on a whole variety of different items.

By working with this existing platform as Redbubble, you get to benefit by not having to have all of that admin that comes with creating your own website.

Finding models asking for permission to use these models, sourcing good suppliers who are going to deliver on time.

Deliver good quality, deliver good fits. There’s a lot of administrations that come with owning the entire process.

With Redbubble, you don’t have to bother your head with all of those hectic processes and procedures.

If you are just passionate about the design itself Redbubble provides you with the opportunity to springboard off the entire supply chain. And you just focus on creating good designs.

Another benefit of Redbubble is that they have gone ahead and form the supplier for you.

They don’t mind if you get one sale on your Mountain design or one sale on your flower design they handle the printing and the supply chain for you.

You now have a good understanding of what Redbubble is, let me show you how you can create your Redbubble profile.

Signing up for Redbubble: Best Print-On-demand Site:

Watch this little intro video to give you a heads up on Redbubble looks like:

When you are done watching, to get started, head to REDBUBBLE
and start making money immediately. It is free to sign up.

It is a usual and normal signup process that we’re all familiar with. Just fill-up the spaces on the form with your details.

After signing up, you would be taken through to your dashboard.

Setting Up Your Redbubble Shop: Best Print-On-demand Site:

What is Redbubble?

You would need to update your account first.

Add an avatar, I mean your photo. Upload a file from your computer or phone and then press the upload button.

Now that you’ve got an avatar. Go back to your dashboard and click on your avatar at the top right corner.

Then click on account settings, next to add a cover photo as these are part of the requirements.

Brief Description on Designing with Canva

Post on demand services is a one-stop design place to design any stuff into the form or shape of anything at all, you can think of.

Let’s go over to Canva, besides Canva, you can head to for stock royalty-free images.

From the Canva dashboard, at the top right-hand corner, click on Create a design and then click on Custom dimensions.

Peradventure, you don’t know how to use Canva, I will make a post on the subject matter later on.

Add the custom dimensions and Click on Create a new design. There are templates you can draw inspiration from.

Go ahead and create your design and then click on download once you are done.

Download the PNG version of the file and then, upload it to Redbubble

You have just added your cover image, it is now time to fill out our profile information.

After filling out your profile information, hit the Save Changes button.

Next, is editing your Payment details. This is vital because the essence of hustling is to get paid, and when you don’t set your payment details, you aren’t going to be paid.

Click on that and then fill out the fields. Which currency do you want to get paid in? PayPal or a bank transfer?

Identify what is applicable to you and then if you’re using PayPal you will be directed to PayPal to verify your account

Click that you agree to the User Agreement and then go on and click on the red Save Changes button.

That done, go back to your dashboard and add the last little element to set up your shop.

Add your social links into the empty field. This is really cool if you have your own website they give you the code that you can embed into your website.

But when you filled in your social details and if you decided not to use the embedded code you can just go ahead and click on the Save button there.

Signing up for Redbubble

Now that you have a profile set up you’ve got to create some artwork.

Perhaps you’ve already hand-drawn some art or you can sketch some phrases and catchy terms that is in your strength.

But really to make things easier and quicker, let’s head back to Canva. It is a great place to do your design.

Click on the creative design button at the top right-hand corner.

Add the custom dimensions at the biggest size possible, 5,000 by 5,000 and when you click on that create a new design button to the left you have some inspiration.

To create some text you have a variety of text that we can choose.

You can click on any text, increase the size so that you can actually see the text so as to work better on it.

You can pick any niche of your choice. There is actually flexibility in the choice that you make.

Go ahead and keep editing it until you are happy with what you have done and then go ahead and hit the download button.

After creating your design, you want to upload it to your Redbubble.

While inside Redbubble, click on add new work. Upload the new work you just created

Give your artwork a title. I want to advise that you give your title keywords to relate to your artwork.

This is so in order to expose your title to SEO, that is, Search Engine Optimization which makes it easier for a search engine to easily locate your work.

Go ahead and enter some tags, Redbubble allows you to enter up to 15 tags.

These are the search terms that people might be searching for if they are hoping to stumble across your artwork.

Enter tags that are relevant to your image, you can search Redbubble for a bit of inspiration.

Go ahead and start tweaking your image or text on Redbubble, it is DIY processes that are very easy and simple.

You can adjust color, size and many other things as all adjustable features are inbuilt on Redbubble.

After you are satisfied with your design, go ahead and pick a category that your artwork belongs.

Is it Media design or digital art? Pick two choices from the multiple choices provided.

Choose whether your content is mature content or not and save your work. Your new work has been added.

Great! You are all set.

You can check out your work, you can also use these images on your social media to drive traffic to your designs.

There are great designs on Redbubble, looking awesome. It really just gives your friends and family an idea of what it is that you’re creating and encourages them to share it also if you’ve got a following they can get an idea of your designs.

You check out your artwork to see what the designs would look like in different colors.

You can see how the designs fit a whole variety of different products.

It is awesome to appreciate how fast things work on Redbubble. The uploading process works like jet speed. It is very easy to make your design on Redbubble too.

Redbubble Sales

Redbubble sale

It is cost-free to Produce, sell and earn on Redbubble

If you owned the entire supply chain, you would have to find the t-shirt supplier, you would have to factor in the cost of the t-shirt.

The cost of the distribution, the cost of the warehousing, the cost of printing, the cost of staff that are going to be managing the printing function for you.

You would be incurring a lot of custom expenses and you would be having to include all of these costs in your final product, that you would be sending to your consumer.

But here is a complete departure with all the description of several expenses mentioned above. It is all different here on RedBubble, being the best print-on-demand

With Redbubble, you don’t have to bother your head with any stress of any kind, not even shipping or after-sales customer services.

All of those troubles are handled by Redbubble themselves.

All you need to be concerned with and focussed on is uploading your design.

How Do You Make Money On RedBubble?

Post on demand services

Redbubble sells your designed T-shirts or any other designed artwork for that matter to the customer and pays you a percentage of the sales.

It is more like Redbubble buying off you the royalty right on products you designed to be able to sell same.

With this royalty or Commission, really they set the price of a product, and then when a product is sold you receive a commission.

You can change this commission level and ask for a higher Commission on Redbubble. Incredible right? Yeah! The best Print-On-demand Site

I will make a post subsequently, to show you how to change or adjust product prices so that you can make more profit on Redbubble.

You have the privilege to decide whether you want a higher Commission.

Then Redbubble will need to bump up the pricing so the product will be a little bit more expensive.

It would just be smart for you to think about how much you would be willing to pay for a set of leggings or a t-shirt or a book over.

If you are pushing your commission too much, that the product isn’t feasible to sell, then that’s just something you have to think about when it comes to Commission structures.

There’s no need to start a price war, I mean you still need to make money at the end of the day so it’s not going to help you to cut your Commission to zero just to move product.

But if you do want to earn a little bit more than the said Commission then you can change this within the red bubble platform.

In adjusting your prices or Commission level, go and check out what your competitors are doing and use it as a benchmark.

Apply these markups to all of your existing work to Whatever you are comfortable with and then have this saved new default walk-ups button so

Good luck as you create your Redbubble store today. It is convenient to say that Redbubble is the best print-on-demand site. There is a lot of different ways to make money on the internet.

If you don’t know, you don’t know. Redbubble is one very quick way to make money online without spending a dime. The best print-on-demand so far.

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