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Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Can I do Affiliate Marketing without a Website? The answer is, YES, very well. It’s possible! Read on as I unveil the possibilities.

Here is very good news to all who have been discouraged several times from doing Affiliate Marketing because the general belief is that Affiliate Marketing cannot be done without owning a website.

More also when some Merchants and Online associate retailers make website ownership as one of the prerequisite requirements to be admitted into the program.

Nevertheless, let me inform you that owning a website enhances and speeds up the process of Affiliate Marketing.

That is not to say that Website ownership is exclusively inevitable for anyone who wants to go into Affiliate Marketing.

Website not withstanding, you can start affiliate marketing even without skills and ofcourse, no audience.

I am giving you a simple and beginner-friendly method of doing Affiliate Marketing.

You don’t have to have a special skill, you also don’t need to run a blog or any YouTube channel.

All you would need is your mobile phone and a very good and choiced product to promote.

Start your Affiliate marketing online business from here as your skills are not required and you would learn how effortless it is, to do business online using this method.

Check out some of the possibilities of doing Affiliate Marketing without a website in this article.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing Without a Blog

Affiliate marketing engages two parties, the Affiliate Marketer and the Merchant or online retailer.

The online retailer owns the Product and services advertised or promoted by Affiliate members. The Merchant pays percentage Commission to Affiliate, for traffic driven to his content or sales sealed and delivered

What Is The Use of A Website For Affiliate Marketing

affiliate Marketing Without a Website

It is not easy to build a website or blog, it consumes time, money, and resources, reason, so many Affiliate Marketers are searching for easy ways to make money in Affiliate Marketing without the use of a website.

When you apply for an associate program with an online retailer like Amazon, you are turned down if you don’t have a website. At best, you would be advised to get your site running and make like three qualifying sales for inspection after 180 days.

In this article, you would be enlightened on several ways to do Affiliate Marketing without a website, though it’s not easy.

It is not easy but not unachievable because, the website, has its very important role to play in the World of Affiliate Marketing.

A Website will make you look very professional and reliable in the face of your potential buyers.

You would be trusted more by your clients when you use a website or blog for Affiliate Marketing.

Anything other than the website, buyers tend to be skeptical and reluctant to click on your referral links for fear of having one’s account hacked or phished.

All you need to succeed in doing affiliate marketing without a website is basically, driving traffic to the retailer’s website, which would result in a conversion. This is not an exclusive preserve of the website.

And so what you should be preoccupied with, is how to drive traffic to the Merchant’s Website to result in sales.

Owning a website is important in Affiliate Marketing, therefore, I will advise that you start off without a website as a beginner and gradually develop a website or blog for your business.

You can kick-start putting up articles on mediums that permit that. You can then embed your referral link within the articles for the public.

The internet is never at any point in time, in a dearth of traffic. Mediums like Reddit, Quora, Youtube, Medium, etc. These platforms help Affiliate Marketer to project articles written in them and put it in front of Search Engines and actually optimizes them.

Free Top Affiliate Programs, No Website Needed

affiliate Marketing Without a Website

Even though there are quite a number of Affiliate Marketing Companies that will turn you down if you don’t fill their registration form with your Website URL link

Yet there are tons of other Affiliate Programs that would admit you whether you own a site or not. Therefore, work with Affiliate sites that would readily accept you into their Affiliate membership.

Here Are Some of The Top Affiliate Websites That Will Readily Approve Your Application To Do Affiliate Marketing Without a website


SEMrush has an affiliate program called Berush. This is one ideal Affiliate Program that a tone who intends to go into Affiliate Marketing without a website can explore.

SEMrush pays 40% recurring income to its Affiliates provided the subscriber continued his subscription.

SEMrush deals with Search Engine Optimization and Competitive analysis tools.

Your Application as an affiliate is approved almost immediately you apply, hence there is no cumbersome process in becoming an affiliate of SEMrush.


Bluehost, which Specialises in web hosting, has been around for years now, within which it has served over 2 million website users.

Their Affiliate program is stressless and takes less than 24 hours for your application to be approved.

Bluehost pays its Affiliates between $65 to $130 as a commission for sales made.

It is free to do Affiliate with Bluehost. It is very lucrative, without issues. I recommend this to anyone interested. I am personally an affiliate of Bluehost

Bluehost is one of the best and oldest web hosting Company with a great performance track record. If you are looking forward to start a blog or a website, Bluehost is a very good web hosting provider you should be considering. Go Here And Get BLUEHOST For Your Enjoyment.

I also recommend Bluehost to anyone looking up to do Affiliate Marketing without a website.


Hostgator is another web hosting platform that offers the opportunity to newbies and small business owners to start up as the hosting pricing is very cheap

This is another Affiliate program that offers an individual who is interested in doing Affiliate business without a site.

They also offer 45 days money-back guarantee. That appeals as a secure and safe investment

They pay Affiliates between $65 to $125 to Affiliates

Others are Jvzoo, Clickbank, HubSpot, GetResponse, AWeber, ConvertKit, Fiverr, Shopify,

The list is inexhaustible. There are many other Affiliate Programs that is very much available for Affiliates who do not have websites

Can I Become An Affiliate Without A Website

Affiliate Without a website

Very well, you can become an affiliate marketer. Go get the product, get it across to your right audience in a timely manner

Pick the Affiliate program you wish to work with. There are so many of them out there. Prominent ones that pay huge and promptly too.

The product you picked matters and tell whether you would actually get a conversion or not.

I like to tell people, don’t pick a product base on their passion. Your passion may not be what the audience out there wants. something that appeals to your passion may not sell after all.

Meanwhile, you are in it to make money and not sell your passion. Your passion is a part of your success but should not be just it alone. It should be considered along with other factors in order to be able to make sales and get profit.

How Can I Promote Affiliate Program Without A Website

Affiliate Marketing Promotion Without a Website

Now you have chosen a lucrative Niche, picked an easily convertible product, what next?

Picking a suitable product is not just enough, driving traffic to the product until they become an audience is super important, otherwise, no sales would be recorded.

There are a plethora of ways or methods to promote your product actually on Affiliate Marketing without a website.
You are the decider of the speed at which you intend to make money.

Once you are able to connect or link your audience to the source content, from a variety of the methods you choose to promote then, you will increase your market sales and maximize profit.

The success of Affiliate Marketing without a website strongly depends on how productive, effective and efficient the methods of promotion you apply are.

Here are a few methods of Promotion for Affiliate Marketing without a website

Post Your Advert On Online Forums

Posting In Online Forums

First thing foremost. Check out online forums that are available and suitable too for your product.

Once you have located a Forum of several Communities, you need to find out the rules and regulations guiding its operations.

Some Forums frown at people posting adverts on their platform, some prefer random posting, while others really don’t bother, how many times you wish to make your posting in a day.

It is essential you find out what rules are prevalent in these communities so you don’t run foul of their rules to avoid you being banned.

One good thing about the internet is that helpful forum where people come together to rub minds together, to purchase and sell, to ask questions, and get answers to exist and is scattered all over on the web.

There are forums like Quora, Reddit, Facebook groups, and many others. You can actually join them and start promoting your product and services.
For instance, you can attempt to answer questions asked on Quora in a bid to slot in your special Affiliate links after you have provided satisfactory and reasonable answers to questions.

Be careful when you are posting on a forum like Quora, do not spam the Community with your referral links, Quora frowns at that.

You may just focus on providing answers to questions each day and as the days go by, you must have received a number of views on the answers you posted.

Gradually as you begin to answer subsequent questions, you can begin to insert your referral links decently tucked in your answers.

That way, anybody that views your answer, may decide to click on the links you recommended and once they click on them, they are taking to the Online retailer website where actual buying takes place.

The same is applicable to other forms out there. Check out the ones that are interested in the products you promote, jell with them by interacting, asking and answering questions, and ultimately posting your affiliate links in there.

Engage Solo Ads

Engage Solo Ads

Supposing you have picked a Niche, engaging solo ads will provide you the opportunity of setting up a contract with Marketers that have a mailing list.

They can include your content along with your affiliate links when mailing the Niche you picked.

Solo ads best fit Affiliate Marketing without a website as you get quick results from your campaign but the downside is that these results are quickly outlived as may not have the privilege of sending the email intermittently.

So if the first few times the emails were sent, it hit the right target, you get instant Commission. As some are converted others may not be that lucky to yield results.

Therefore it is advisable you don’t enter into a long term arrangement with advertisers on solo ads, since you may end up wasting resources since quality traffic will not always be directed to it.

Solo ads can be very beneficial and result oriented because traffic is targeted to the right Niche and conversions secured quickly.

It is one very good measure to adopt in Affiliate Marketing without a website.

Create A YouTube Channel or Run A YouTube Ads.

Create A Youtube Channel

It is either way. Create a youtube Channel or Run youtube ads. Millions of viewers watch YouTube videos every day.

YouTube is actually a very big commercial marketplace where millions of businesses are advertised and products showcased.

Content is created using Youtube channels. People who value those contents, go to YouTube to get value.

You can latch on the opportunity provided by YouTube to create a youtube channel, where you can showcase your products or Services to a targeted niche and audience.

On each of the videos you post on youtube, you can post affiliate links in the description part.

This one very big method to promote your Affiliate Marketing business Without a website. It works as well.

Create a video with rich content that talks about the product you promote, be consistent in your postings.

As much as what you promote is relevant and informative, people will gradually subscribe to your channel and become your viewer.

As they watch the video, they click on the Affiliate links you dropped in the description below your channel and if they actually buy, you get paid a commission.

Very good enough that these days, you can own and create a youtube channel, post relevant and useful videos without showing your face.

That in case you are the type that doesn’t want to show your face, there is so many video editing software that can help you achieve this.

The second part to this is running youtube ads, Peradventure you don’t want to create a youtube channel, you can actually pay to run ads on youtube.

Youtube displays your advert and link on the screen on another person’s video, and people who are interested, click on your advert and when they buy, you get paid.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click

The fastest way to get results in any online business is to run it with money.

One of the best and fastest means to do Affiliate Marketing without a website is through a paid Affiliate advertising.

Paid Affiliate advertising easily and quickly yields results as a very large number of potential buyers are targeted through Search Engine Optimization by Google and as they click, there is the potential possibility that they buy. Facebook runs PPC ads too, you are only charged when people click on your link.

Create An eBook or Download eBooks Freely Online And Edit Them.

Create An eBook

You can put together an interesting topic base on your Niche and the Product you sell.

Make the eBook informative and rich in content. It is very important that you write an eBook base on the area you are quite knowledgeable about. That helps you to flow freely in your line of thought.

The essence of creating an eBook is not just to embed your affiliate links inside the eBook, they need to provide rich content and derivable values, for people to be able to want to read them.

When that is satisfied, the next thing for anyone who draws value as he reads the eBook would be to click on the Affiliate link to the Online retailer’s website to buy the product you advertised.

If you cannot create an eBook, there are free downloadable eBooks on the web. You can download some. and edit them to your purpose and taste, embed Affiliate links in them, and publish.

Use Content Publishing Platforms

Content Publishing Platforms

This one very big ups in the world of the internet. This method has helped so many Affiliate Marketers to make brisk profits from their Affiliate Marketing.

This one of the best methods that can be explored doing Affiliate Marketing without a website. This so a very beautiful option.

The platform is provided free of charge, all you need to do is post your article, embed your links in there, and publish, wow! Very easy and already-made website for you.

Interestingly enough, the majority of people that use are people who already own their websites.
Most time you see, website owner driving traffic to their individual websites from

Therefore, this is a veritable platform for anyone who is interested in Affiliate Marketing but has no website.
Millions of readers throng every day, in fact, I personally like to use

Just make sure you have rich content that makes much sense with regards to your niche or product. Put it out there and you would be surprised at the result you get.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the oldest methods of disseminating business information. It is still very relevant today as it used to be.

It is one very efficient and effective method of marketing your wares on the internet

If you must be successful in doing Affiliate Marketing without a website, you cannot do without email marketing.

Even the folks that use their own websites still employs the use of Email Marketing.

Email marketing is enduring and very effective. So many times the social media has fluctuated and blanked out whereas such issues don’t happen with the emailing system.

So when all other methods fail due to internet traffic or signal complications, Email Marketing thrives fine.

You can either build your own email list yourself or vendors’ services who can render the service to you for free with limited facilities. They also sell paid packages with more flexible facilities that come with it.

Compose the email message with valuable information with regards to your Niche and Product, embed your Affiliate links within the message, and send them to potential buyers on your Email list.

You can encourage the recipients of your email to have compelling reasons to want to read and act on your email message sent.

You can offer them the opportunity to download an eBook that has direct value with the product offered. You can even offer them a full free course, this will yield an effective result.

Posting On Social Media

Post On Social Media

Social Media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many more are platforms that drive quality, and real traffic sources.

Social Media is a fantastic place to post Affiliate links and an excellent platform to do Affiliate Marketing without a website.

It doesn’t cost you anything to create social media accounts, create groups and pages, join groups and begin to post quality content that is informative and purposeful.

Insert your Affiliate links in the informative content and post. People who are following you will see it and choose to read and try out your Affiliate links.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, and other social media platforms are growing every day. With numerous followers joining every day.

Every user has followers as friends, when you make a post, friends on your list and friends of friends see your posts.

Virtually everyone who has a phone is in one social media platform or the other.
Facebook and other social media run ads, which anyone who does not own a website can explore for a fee.

Facebook ads in particular are as popular and effective as Google ads. Facebook ads provide the privilege of reaching a targeted audience within a geographical location.

Social Media can be of tremendous help to do Affiliate Marketing without a website. It is highly recommended.

Many affiliates are already into Affiliate Marketing without owning a Website. You can make that bold move now. Affiliate marketing Business, is very profitable and lucrative, get in now and start raking in money.

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